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Summer Time Pack Award


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World Conservation Award

Leave No Trace Awareness Award

Religious Emblems

Cub Scout Outdoor Activity Award 
Cub Scouts at all levels from Tiger to Webelos can earn the Outdoor Activity Award. When the award is first earned, the scout receives the pocket flap award, worn on the right pocket flap of his uniform. In each additional year that he earns the award, a wolf track pin is attached to the flap. The Summertime Pack Award pin should be pinned through this patch just like the wolf track pins.


The BSA Family Award program offers activities to help strengthen all families—whether two-parent, single-parent, or nontraditional. This program helps families accomplish worthy goals while building and strengthening relationships among family members. All family members are encouraged to participate and may earn the award.

The BSA Family Activity Book (available at your local council service center) gives all the requirements as well as step-by-step instructions for earning the BSA Family Award. To earn the award, a family must complete 10 activities within a 12-month period. The family chooses one activity in two topics in each of the following categories:

  1. Learning Through Fun and Adventure
  2. Strengthening Family Relationships
  3. Developing Personal Strengths
  4. Teaching Responsibility
  5. Handling Difficult Situations
 When a family has completed the requirements, all family members are eligible to receive an award certificate, patches for uniform wear, and/or pins for non-uniform wear.

Local Area Hikes
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For Snelling Historic Trail
The Fort Snelling Historic Trail has been established in the City of Minneapolis in Minnehaha Falls Park, the Minnesota Fort Snelling State Park, and along the Mississippi River. The trail is intended to familiarize hikers with the great important history of early Minnesota exploration by Europeans and the US Army.
The hike begins near the pavilion in Minnehaha Park, crosses Minnehaha Creek, and continues southeast following the bike trails on the bluffs along the creek. (Approximate total distance is 5 miles)

L’Etoile Du Nord – Trail of the North Star

Historic journey through downtown Saint Paul, Minnesota
L’Étoile du Nord Trail (Trail of the North Star) has been established in the downtown area of St.Paul. The Trail is intended to familiarize hikers with an area of great historical value.
The hike begins at 240 Summit Ave, the historic house of James J. Hill.

Lark on the Monarch
Part of the Elm Creek Park Reserve and the Monarch Trail.
Carry along a nature book to help identify plant and animal life along the trail.
The Monarch Trail  is ¾ of a mile long.